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Your Life’s Purpose

  Determine Your Life’s Purpose

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work as been put into every heart.”  Rumi


Exercise 1:

If asked you to allocate 10 coins in 3 containers, how would you divide the coins?

     1 container: making lots of money                                 _________

     2 container: being passionate about what you do       _________

     3 container: enjoying a quality of life                             _________

Now, explain what each means to you.

Then explain why you allocated the coins the way you did.

See separate sheet for Exercise on how much money.

Exercise 2:

What are you passionate about?  Your cause?  What you watch on TV, the kind of magazine you might read, how you might volunteer or spend your free time.  Make a list.  Any patterns?  Why?

Exercise 3:

What have you done, beginning when you were young through today, that has given you joy and satisfaction?  List and beside each item, think about it and write down why.

Do you see a pattern?  It might be that it was people related.  It might have been an inner sense of accomplishment.  It might have been because it was a challenge and you accomplished it.  It might have been due to the public recognition you received. It might have been because it was very profitable.  It might have been something you set as a goal and reached.  Write down what you learned about yourself from this exercise.

Exercise 4:

You are 70 years old, besides being good child/parent/spouse, what do you want others to say about you when you are not in the room.  (Try to come up with one to 7 words that describes you and why.  For example: student (someone who constantly strives to learn new things and grow)