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Increase Your Luck

  Increase Your Luck

Good luck comes to those who are clear about what they want to attract.  Authors of many books, including The Secret, 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change A Lot, and Recharge in Minutes talk about the power of focusing on positive thoughts. 

Think about what you want.  Be very specific. 

In fact, a University of Michigan study found that visualizing how to achieve a goal, a process called predictive encoding, actually increases the change that you will act as you imagined by 50%.

Make your actions consistent with these thoughts.  Focus.

If you have been blindsided by bad luck, change your internal thoughts to “what now”.  This allows your mind to go into a creative mode and helps you get unstuck and move in a positive direction. 

Where are you spending your time?  If not on what you want, make changes to reallocate your time and energies.

Begin your day with counting your blessings.  Gratitude is an essential emotional nutrient that fosters a can do attitude. 

Visualize the trial and triumph.  In a study at the University of Pennsylvania, people who attempted a challenge after doing a visualization exercise increased their odds of success by 40%.

So think about your career goals.  You can work for others or work for yourself. 

Write them down.  Make them SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. 

If you need help or want someone to brainstorm with or need help keeping on track, a career business coach can help you. 

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