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Purpose, Vision and Mission

 Know Your Purpose, Vision and Mission

Everyone wants to be happy.  However, sustained happiness does not come from money or from what money can buy.  Sustained happiness comes from meaning.  It comes from growing, developing and having a positive impact on the lives of others.

What is your purpose?  Why are you here?  Who are you meant to be?  What are you meant to do?  This is not the same as asking what you like to do.  The question is what are you designed to do and what are you meant to do, not what do you like or dislike doing. 

Is purpose something that you get to choose or is purpose something already determined for you?  Different people would answer this question differently, depending upon their religious views and life philosophies.  If you believe your purpose is predetermined in some way then your job is to discover what it is.  If you believe that you get to choose, then you need to decide which purpose will best serve you. 

There are books that can guide you: “Purpose Driven Life”, “True Purpose”, and so many others available at your local library, bookstore or Amazon.  Each will have exercises that may be helpful no matter what your religious views or philosophies may be.  More importantly, take time to think and reflect.

When you are at a change point in your life, whether voluntarily or if change has been thrust upon you, you have the opportunity to examine and develop your own vision of what you want your future to be.

A vision statement is the big picture of what you want your life to stand for.  A mission statement flows from the vision statement and is the “implementation of the vision”; that is what must happen for you to realize your vision.  Your vision statement is not likely change over time but your mission statement will evolve and change.  Your goals and objectives can be in many areas.  A good reference source is Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

For example:  Our Purpose/Vision is:  “Making a difference in people’s lives, one life at a time.”  Our mission is “Helping you to become the boss to control your future.”  We have SMART goals with measurable objectives to carry out our mission and a timeline so we are accountable.  Now, take the time to develop your own vision and mission statements.

All of the authors who are experts in areas of change seem to agree that we are our own worst enemy in preventing ourselves from accomplishing what we truly want if we let fear of failure prevent us from taking the action and steps we need to take to accomplish our goals or purpose.  We all fear the unknown, but if you commit to working through a proven investigation process, you will turn your underlying fears into questions and get answers to your questions so you can make decisions based upon facts and not unknown fears.

We encourage your spouse or partner to participate in your exploration, as this will give you someone to share and someone to support you and encourage you. 

In addition your eAdvantage 4u consultant/coach can help you understand your strengths and help you set SMART goals and develop a plan to help you reach your goals so that you can fulfill your purpose (vision) / mission.