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Your Career & Goals

  What are our Respective Roles and Expectations?

Various business brokers, consultants and coaches are probably contacting you.  They offer to educate you and offer free help and guidance.  So how do you evaluate which one is best for you?  Some may say it is because of how you connect on the phone.  Some may say it is based upon who contacted you first.  You have choices so why not work with the one most qualified?


eAdvantage4u’s role in helping you is to serve as your career life coach and business franchise consultant.

  1. eAdvantage4u will help you determine your career and financial goals by learning about your life, your passions and your quality of life goals in areas of health, family, spiritual, personal, and other areas that are important to you.  eAdvantage4u will help you understand your strengths. eAdvantage4u will also help you evaluate your resources so your goals can be realistic and achievable. eAdvantage4u will help you research and suggest opportunities for you to explore that eAdvanatge4u believes can help you reach your goals.
  2. eAdvantage4u will help you develop a plan to reach your goals.  eAdvantage4u will share with you a proven, time tested due diligence process designed to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision – the eAdvantage4u SMART eDiscovery™ Process.
  3. eAdvantage4u will help coach you on how to interview well so you get the offer and can then select your best option.
  4. eAdvantage4u will coach you on how to locate other professionals for financing and legal review upon request.
  5. eAdvantage4u will serve as a sounding board as you compare and contrast various options, so you can prioritize which one is best for you.
  6. eAdvantage4u will try to keep you focused and on task – hold you accountable as part of your support system.  eAdvantage4u will help you overcome your fears and concerns by advising you how to get the answers you need to make an informed decision.
  7. eAdvantage4u can provide its services at no cost because eAdvantage4u works much like a recruiter.  The Company with whom you buy a business will pay a referral fee for eAdvantage4u’s services (as eAdvantage4u provides screening and only suggests qualified candidates to them) and it helps you as well, as the opportunities recommended should help you reach your goals.  Moreover, using a broker/coach/consultant saves you time as you will only be evaluating those companies with whom you would qualify as a prospective franchisee or business owner.  There is no obligation to move forward, but if you are serious about wanting to make changes, the opportunities eAdvantage4u present should help you reach your goals and dreams.  Thus, it is a win, win, win for all.


A coach or consultant partnership needs to be mutually beneficial to work well.

C – Candid Communication

eAdvantage4u will be candid with you in our communications and will expect the same from you.  How else can eAdvantage4u truly help you if you are holding back and not being totally honest about what you want, what you are investigating and with whom?  It is ok if you work with another broker.  It is ok if you are working with another broker to get a second opinion.  However, just as in the medical field, you might seek a second opinion, at some point; you have to decide whom you want to work with to have them effectively provide guidance and direction.  Just let eAdvantage4u know your decision.

O – Organized Approach to Due Diligence

If you elect to work with eAdvantage4u, eAdvantage4u will be sharing with you an organized due diligence approach, complete with its proprietary How to Become a Business Owner SMART eDiscovery Guide.  You will gain access to the www.eAdvantage4u.com web site where you can find many resources on career and goal setting, facts on franchising, and information on eAdvantage4u, its consultants, and accolades from those who have utilized eAdvantage4u’s services.  After you complete the personal consultation questionnaire, you will be given your own password to access eAdvantage4u’s intranet site, where you can gain access to the SMART eDiscovery Guide and other materials and tools to help you work with your eAdvantage4u consultant to determine which business is best for you.

A – Action Steps

eAdvantage4u will help you crystallize your vision, help you determine your goals and then help you formulate actions steps to reach your goals so you can realize your vision.  eAdvantage4u will hold weekly one-on-one meetings with you as well as provide you tasks and aids to help you as you conduct your due diligence.  eAdvantage4u cannot conduct your due diligence for you but can share information, knowledge, and a process that eAdvantag4u has used when it assisted others in purchasing multi-million dollar companies or launching startups.  eAdvantage4u can save you time and help you so you don’t make the common mistakes that so often happen when it’s someone’s first time to purchase a business.

Some make the mistake of not keeping an open mind until they find out the facts.  Don’t let that be you.  Over 85% of the people eAdvantage4u has worked with over the past 10 years have selected a business that was not their no. 1 choice when they began the process of investigating business ownership.  That is where eAdvantage4u can add value – helping you learn how to investigate a business and causing you to think about important aspects that you may not have even thought about.  There are over 3000 franchises and they are not all equal.  Many other brokers networks are limited to work only with companies in their respective inventories.  eAdvantage4u was created to be able to work with any industry and companies and is not limited to the companies that pay the highest referral fees or that pay to be in an inventory.  In addition, not all franchisors elect to work with brokers; and in such cases, eAdvantage4u will advise you so you can contact the few companies that will not work with brokers directly.  eAdvantage4u generally works with companies whose investment range is between $5000 and $300,000, although eAdvantage4u does work with some hotel chains and food-based businesses where the businesses require a higher investment.  You will be sharing what segments or particular franchises or businesses in which you have interest and eAdvantage4u will help research them to help you determine if they meet your criteria and if the companies selected can leverage your strengths to help reach your goals.

Others make the mistake of thinking they want to be wildly passionate about their business.  Often our passions change over time.  For example, it might be better to be passionate in boating, let us say as a hobby so you can enjoy your boat with your family and friends on the weekend versus owning a marina where you will be working instead of enjoying your family and friends at the lake house.  Therefore, we might want to find a business that does not require weekend work but that allows you the income potential to be able to afford your lake house and boating hobby.

C – Consideration

eAdvantage4u does not have to charge a billable hour for consultation or tuition for training, because a referral fee will be paid when, and only if, you find the right business to buy.  We both need to respect each other’s time and be considerate.  We need to make this investigation a high priority, just as if you had committed to a class or were paying for the education on how to buy a business.  Throughout the course of the next 6-8 weeks, you will be setting your goals and learning how to conduct due diligence.  You will be looking at 3-5 business models most likely to determine which one you feel best fits with your goals.  Generally, after you have found the right business model, you will be conducting a competitive investigation of others with a similar business model within the same segment to make sure you have found the right one before you purchase your business.  During this investigation period, we both need to commit to keeping appointments and giving the other advance notice should either of us need to reschedule.

H Help You Overcome Fears

Fears you might have can sabotage your dreams.  Sometimes, it is too easy to think about the “what if”…and then create worst imaginable scenarios when we are really just afraid of the unknown or change.

eAdvantage4u can help you turn your fears into questions, get information based upon facts and other business owners’ experiences.  eAdvantage4u will help you keep focused on your vision and goals so you can take the action steps you need to take to reach your dreams!

When we speak, we will ask you about how you heard about our services, and will want to know what your expectations are so we can be sure and meet, if not exceed them.  Moreover, our goal is for you to be so pleased with our services; you will be contacting eAdvantage4u to refer your family and friends so that we might help them too!