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Should You Consider Master or Area Development?

Master and Area Development opportunities are for those with sizable net worth and assets or ability to pull together significant financing who want to either develop large territories or work as a sub-franchisor under a franchise company. A Master Franchisor is a person or company who buys the rights to a large territory and with […]

What are Advantages of New vs Resale?

Franchise business account for over 50% of all retail sales in the United States according to a recent US Chamber of Commerce study. Additionally, after 5 years of opening, at least 86% of franchise businesses were still in operational. Independents (Non-franchised) business had a significantly greater closure rate with 62% of non-franchise business closing within […]

Start Your Own Independent or Buy A Franchise?

Independent Franchised You’re visiting a new city, on a time table and you’re watching your weight and want something grilled not fried and a salad, the kids only will eat chicken nuggets, and you want the kids to have some vegetables and you have a toddler that will only eat macaroni but not nuggets. You […]

4 Steps to Figure Out What You Want

Buy a Business 4 Steps to Figure Out What You Want and Learn About the eAdvantage4u SMART eDiscoveryTM Process to Investigate to Make Sure You Find the Right Business Figuring Out What You Want (and What is Realistically Possible)   Step 1: Sign Up for Free Consultation! Receive a FREE Consultation by an experienced eAdvantage4u […]

Which Franchisors are Best?

You have probably already been online, clicking away, and requesting information and as a consequence, receiving so many emails and phone calls that you are considering changing your number. Or maybe you have just looked and tried to narrow down the options on your own. You’re making a big mistake if you begin by contacting […]

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