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When my wife and I became interested in franchising, we read the books, took the ecourses, went to the conventions, and did all of our homework. After much research, we were finally ready to start exploring our options! We learned very quickly in the process that we had become the experts of nothing. We were lost in the woods. While we were hesitant to ask for help, we decided to reach out to franchise city and through franchise city we were connected with Laurel Sturm of eAdvantage4u.com. This was the best decision we could have made. We met with Laurel and she completely changed our experience. Laurel’s deep knowledge base of the franchise industry proved invaluable. She introduced us to concepts that we had not considered. Laurel Sturm worked within our budget, and it was limited. Laurel navigated us through this process in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she never missed a beat. Laurel thank you for your assistance; my wife and I could never repay you for the impact you have had on our lives. It’s a good thing your services come at no cost for your clients.

I was working with a company in a position that clearly was not going anywhere.  I work from paycheck to paycheck.  I knew I had to do something better, something smarter.  Something that would make me happy and make me money for my future.  I was perusing franchises and came across one I thought I would like.  I also ran across Lori’s website and since it was free for me, decided to contact her as well.  I almost decided to go through it all myself.  Lori called and we talked and set up an appointment to talk again.  I didn’t answer but emailed her instead, letting her know I thought I had made a mistake by contacting the franchise itself instead of going through her.  Luckily, she was able to reach out to the franchise and talk to them, allowing me to work with her.  I am SO GLAD I DID!!!  I would have been lost, floundering around with so many questions and thoughts and no one to help me off the ceiling and take me step by step.  As it was, the more we worked together, the more she realized the franchise I had picked might not be the best idea and she talked to me about another one she thought I would feel more comfortable and passionate about.  And, she was right!  I am close to starting my training with an exemplary franchise and I help the clients at no cost to them.  How great is that???

Without Lori’s guidance, I would have traveled down the wrong path and ended up miserable.  She listened to me when I talked, asked me questions I didn’t even think about which caused me to think more deeply, and learned about the person I am and the person I would love to become.  She is an extraordinary individual who is in the perfect career to help others find their right path.   If you even THINK about a franchise opportunity, please contact Lori and let her help you!  You won’t regret it!


I want to thank you so much for introducing us to right type of business model – the adult care giving business, to leverage our interests and experience. I am sure that without your enthusiastic guidance we would still be looking for the right opportunity. You were affable, available, understanding, very- very knowledgeable about the field. Your focused but non pressured approach to the presentations was artful. I’ll always appreciate what you did for my wife and me.  I miss our update calls; you kept us on track.  With kind regards, Dr. Carl Wayne Thurmond, Homewatch Caregivers, dba Where it Matters 

I am an attorney and also own an investment property management business.  I wanted something that I could really build that would provide a legacy, great return and be fun too.  But I wanted flexibility too.  I plan to be more hands on and eventually manage the manager or be semi absentee at some point.

Through long discussions about myself, my family and my long term goals, Lori helped me narrow down the fields of franchise businesses that would best suit me. As we explored different opportunities, and even with my background and education, she provided me with invaluable advice and insight.   I could not have asked for a better and more caring consultant.  David 

Having recently been part of a RIF at my company I started to pursue a dual track of looking for a job and exploring franchise opportunities.  Knowing nothing about franchising I was put in touch with Laurie Strum as a person who could help me understand the intricacies of the franchise market.  There is probably not enough praise I can laud on Laurie’s expertise and knowledge of franchising.  Her subject expertise on this topic would be enough for me to strongly recommend her services. The added bonus and what truly separates her from others offering this type of service is her compassion and willingness to understand the person who is exploring franchising.  From her in depth review of your personal and business goals, alignment with opportunities that match who you are, and help with financing Laurie provided outstanding advice.  I can’t stress enough to anyone considering purchasing a franchise to talk with Laurie first.  Your time will be well spent, and you’ll have the confidence that you will be making the right decision moving forward.-Joe Sanfilippo

Searching for a franchise opportunity without the help of an advisor is very overwhelming. There are literally thousands of business and knowing which ones would be a good fit for me was impossible. Lori’s approach to matching investors and franchises is systematic and logical while still being very personal and enjoyable. She took a considerable amount of time to sit down and speak with me and really delved into my strengths as a business person, my financial resources, my long-term financial goals, and what type of involvement I wanted to have in a business day-to-day. By doing this, she was able to present me with several different options of franchises available. Lori then coached me through the sometimes  arduous process of exploring the franchises – Lori was always looking out for my best interest, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience about franchising. Without a doubt, I knew I could call Lori at any point to ask her advise, her opinion, and to get confirmation that I was heading down the right path. I always felt that she wanted me to find the right fit, whether that took 3 months or a year, or more. She never rushed the process, she never pushed. I also noted that the franchise owners I spoke with during the process all expressed their respect for Lori as a professional. Her honesty, integrity, and personal investment in her clients is evident in all that she does. For anyone looking to venture into franchising, I highly recommend Lori Sturm and her company eadvantage4u.-Naomi Hoyt

I found myself looking to new horizons after 30 years of working in the corporate world, several of them as an Executive Leader. Having just completed my MBA, I had the opportunity to seek out a new Executive role or try something different. I had considered owning my own business from time to time and in fact I do own, but I do not operate, a dog grooming business.   So I started investigating franchise opportunities on my own. I was blessed that Lori came along at the start of the process. After spending several hours talking to Lori about my background, experiences, likes and dislikes she was able to develop a pretty accurate profile of what type of business would meet my expectations. With her vast experience and knowledge Lori was able to suggest three business models that would be ideal for me and my wife. In addition, using the eAdvantage4U process kept me focused and on track while navigating throughout the entire vetting process. Going through the process was not hard, however it was at times emotional since you have to be very honest with yourself. In the end making the decision on which company to go forward with was fairly easy and very rewarding. I know that without Lori’s help it would have taken me significantly longer to make a decision and I’m not sure that I would have found that perfect company for me. Lori- thanks for all the support and the great conversations that we had.

Having undergone a life-changing set of circumstances within the last 10-12 months concerning my job/career, I decided to follow up on a life-long urge to own a business. I decided to pursue or at least inquire about franchising and various opportunities associated with them. I clicked a Linkedin blurb one day and was connected with a screener who asked me lots of questions about my interests in various kinds of businesses, my current career, and my financial status. Having learned the costs associated with franchises I pretty much wrote off the opportunity until I received a call from Lori Sturm with eAdvantage4u, a career franchise attorney turned franchise-coach. It was the call from Lori that showed me that there are many ways of financing a business. It was through her guidance that I was able to comfortably consider, eventually finance, and now very close to opening my own business. The process, though, required a lot of work on my part and a lot of patience, coaching and “talking me off the ledge” dialogue on Lori’s part to get me to where I am now. I consider myself a very good business person with many accolades and successes in my field but if it had not been for Lori and her experience, knowledge of franchising and business in total, I would NEVER have had the confidence and fortitude to buy the business that I have. I would have missed out of the opportunity to fulfill my “dream” of sorts to own my own business and so I am very much a “Lori Sturm” fan. What I can also share about Lori is that she is highly regarded by the various franchisors with whom I worked as I vetted various businesses and business models recommended by her. It felt good to have confirmation from many managers, VP’s, Presidents from various franchises agreeing with my assessment of Lori’s skills, business acumen, and guidance in the field of franchising. I thank her profusely for her belief in me and would recommend her and her services to any “serious” seeker of a franchise business. Susie Case, Director, Griswold Homecare—Chattanooga, TN.

The journey toward a decision regarding the variety of franchise opportunities is filled with potholes. I am very fortunate to have Lori Sturm as my consultant/coach during the process. Her strength is the initial discussion to determine personal goals, strengths and weaknesses, and clearly focusing on what can bring more happiness. Lori uses this information to introduce three to five franchises to investigate. The work to see the best fit was mine. She has a web based process that provides insights and questions for the franchisor that are helpful during the discovery period. There comes a point of information overload. Lori has the skill to recognize this and help eliminate franchise opportunities that are not the “best” fit. Her effort keeps one on track to meet the timetable agreed upon during the initial conversation. Without her guidance, it is very easy to spin out of control and lose months that could be better spent opening and running the new franchise entity. I am pleased to have Lori as my consultant/coach. I have made my decision to become a Business Coach as a franchisee for FocalPoint. The franchise and I share common values. We complement each other. I will achieve the truly important goals that I set when I left the corporate world – spend travel time with my wife and be available whenever my grandchildren need me. I will earn a good living while making a significant contribution to the community. I believe none of this would have happened as smoothly without the gentle but firm guidance from Lori. I recommend her to assist anyone considering a major career change.

Lori Sturm is committed. I first encountered Lori as I was navigating the almost too many to choose from franchise landscape. I am a former manufacturing operations manager, 40 years in the business. I know many things. But without Lori’s expertise I would have been wasting time just searching by myself. Lori is a franchise expert and has the ability to ask the right questions of the person looking to become independent. Her questions, designed by her, will guide you to a franchise that will use your skills, knowledge and personal goals. Once she has your thoughts, she seeks out franchise opportunities that fit you. She has an excellent website. Well put together and easy to navigate. Her steps move you, in a logical manner, towards your goal. Her method: Asking the right questions of the franchisor. This is the key in due diligence. She knows the ins and outs of the system. She follows up with you. She gives you insight. In the end I chose a different path to independence. But her knowledge, method and follow through helped me with that as well. A word of caution… She is contagious! Her enthusiasm is boundless. Her knowledge is extensive. Makes you want to DO SOMETHING! Lori Sturm is committed.

Lori Sturm has the pedigree to assist any serious prospect looking to invest in their own franchise. She has the maturity and experience to understand the importance of thoroughly vetting each franchisor prior to making a recommendation. In an industry where many consultants are interested primarily in activity to maximize their own benefit, Lori is the exception. I have worked directly with Lori for over 8 years and found her to be a person of integrity, strong communication skills and always keeping the best interest of her clients top of mind.

I have had the privilege of knowing Lori Sturm as a friend and professional colleague for almost 10 years.  Lori is not only a capable franchise attorney but she is also practical and looks at projects from a business perspective.  She was asked to review agreements and she came back with recommendations.  Those recommendations not only minimized the changes but she added provisions that helped the company operate more efficiently and helped to mitigate the risk to the company to solve problems should they arise without prolonged and costly litigation.  Lori proactively tackled requested issues, researched and resolved them.  In addition, the entire management team benefited from her practical advice and training.  Lori is also a great listener and a very loyal friend.  I would recommend her highly.

Lori Sturm has the knowledge and experience in franchising equaled by few. As a franchise attorney she has complete knowledge of the legal side of the business. Lori worked for years on the franchisor side of the business before opening her franchise consulting practice. As a franchise consultant Lori was trained by the best franchise consulting organization in the industry. That combined with her caring and nurturing nature allows her to keep her franchise prospects on track gathering the information they need to make an informed decision in franchising. I highly recommend Lori Sturm as an expert in franchising.

I remember one of Lori’s first requests of me when my wife and I started searching out franchises, “keep an open mind,” and I’m glad I took her advice.  Lori has a multi-step process that will take a novice and walk them through the search and securing process of obtaining a franchise.  From what to look for in a franchise, what to ask, what a franchise expects of you and how to close the deal, Lori will have you covered.  My wife and I are now franchise owners.  Thank you, Lori!

I highly recommend Lori Sturm to help provide business and legal advice regarding start up and launch as well as ongoing operations of a franchise or business.  She helped Beyond Slats by providing initial competitive research on our competitors that helped me determine and position our company’s unique selling proposition.  She also handled and coordinated with our outside legal counsel as well as drafted policies, procedures and legal agreements for the franchisee candidates and helped them understand the documents.  She guided me so that I understood what I could legally say without crossing the line.  She made it a point to attend the training and get to know the franchisees and the business so she had first-hand knowledge.  She was also instrumental in developing operational policies as a result of this knowledge.  She helped the company resolve some of the hiccup issues that often arise with a new franchise and even obtained releases from the initial franchisees to better protect the company….The franchisees found her broad base of business knowledge, even in areas of marketing and sales to be useful.

I have just signed my business opportunity agreement and it feels so empowering!  You have been so patient and instrumental in helping me make a decision to own my own business. Not just any business, the RIGHT business for me. You were patient, in that, you addressed all my concerns, fears and issues. You also respected my need for due diligence and did not rush me.  Thank you for your patience and professionalism.  I hope we stay in touch so I can share how successful I will have become.

For anyone considering franchising, I highly recommend Lori Sturm.  My wife and I bought a B2B Master Franchise opportunity and I do not know how I would have navigated through the process without Lori.  Lori took the time to get to know us and thoroughly explored our likes and dislikes as well as both our long-term and short-term objectives. She brought our current franchise opportunity to the table which ultimately led to our investment.  It is important to listen to her advice and follow the process that she lays out for her clients. Her process is logical and thorough. Lori took us step by step through every aspect of franchising and her knowledge is impeccable. Even though my wife was cautious and hesitant (given the sizable investment), Lori provided insight and knowledge needed to provide a sense of reassurance. Given Lori’s vast experience, legal background and her business experience, I feel that I had the best “coach” I could have asked for.

I just wanted to say that you were indispensible in helping us find the franchise best suited to our skill set and lifestyle. Thanks to you  I am confident this business will succeed and this is due in no small part to the connection you made for us with our franchisor and for the step by step assistance you provided. All at no cost to us!

Lori Sturm worked as my coach on a nearly daily basis over the last several months. I didn’t know Lori prior to agreeing to work with her; it was her persistence that led me to pick up the phone and return one of her calls. We can all use a little help when evaluating opportunities in which we have no experience, but I was skeptical that working with a franchise coach would provide better results than doing it on my own. I was wrong, and very fortunate to work with her. Lori ensured me that she would put my needs firsts and she never let me down. I imagine that most coaches provide their clients with needs analysis, but Lori’s background allows her a unique perspective that helps her clients avoid a lot of wasted motion in the beginning as well as avoid a number of common mistakes as they go through the process.  If you do work with Lori, at some point she’ll tell you she can’t act as your legal advisor. She is however one of the few franchise coaches that has also been a franchise attorney. It’s that real world experience which may prove invaluable even without providing formal legal advice. Pay close attention to her analytical and negotiation process as you near the end of your search; it helped me immensely. Lori Sturm has my unqualified recommendation as a franchise coach.

I purchased a franchise with the confidence of knowing that I made the right choice. Lori Sturm, an expert, guided me through the process. She gave me a great deal of analysis work to do which resulted in my ability to clearly determine the right course of action. Buying the right business was one of the most difficult processes I have ever been through. Thanks to Lori Sturm, I was armed with the knowledge I needed to make an informed choice.

I wanted to thank you for your help in making me aware about franchise opportunities, generally, and for suggesting my franchise as a company that I might find attractive. Before we started talking I had not given much thought to franchising.  A few months ago I checked a box on a job search website that led me to you and your organization and now I find myself on a new career path.  Last week I signed the agreement forms and sent a check, and will soon begin in earnest to open up the business in my area.  I have not operated a business before, but believe I understand the model and think I am fully capable of doing this.  It is not without risk and as you know, I had many questions about competition and other risk factors but those were addressed. I never felt like I was being pushed.  I am excited about getting started. I am hopeful this venture will succeed beyond what I can imagine, but no matter how it turns out, I thank you for educating me and for your encouragement.

Remember me?  I was the VERY SCARED person that bought a franchise thru you in 2007.  WOW, What big decisions I was making…Well just wanted to let you know it’s the BEST decision I ever made in my life.  In 2010 I came in number 12 for the franchise system and revenue received was just over $1M. I opened my doors Oct of 07.  In 08 I was hoping for $171k (as per the FDD) and did $371k.  In 09 I was hoping for $500k and received $791k, in for 2010 my goal was $850k and I got just a tad over $1M.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I am SOOooooo thankful I found you to help me find the right franchise business.

Now that my training is over and most of the business structure is intact, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your counsel and guidance as I searched for my perfect career match.  When I left my last position, I knew I was  no longer interested in but had little understanding of where to go from there. You changed all that! Not only was your approach very professional but your method of guiding me through the process of investigating franchises was excellent.  I learned everything I needed to know to effectively select my new opportunity.  And a perfect match it turned out to be. At no time in my previous career have I felt so “in-touch” with the direction I am now taking.  I wholeheartedly endorse your service as a critical element of making a successful career change to small business ownership.

From my first phone contact with Lori Sturm, I knew that I was dealing with someone that cared about me and my first and foremost, rather than being interested in selling me something!  Lori has a wealth of “real world” knowledge and brings instant credibility. She understands what it takes to be successful in working for someone else as well as being an independent business owner or franchisee.  The process that I engaged in was challenging to me and caused me to “dig deep”.  I was required to look back at what I enjoyed most in my career and what I had been successful doing. Then I had to look forward at what I wanted the next stage of my life to look like in all facets” personal, spiritual, financial and community involvement.  During this process, I had the break through realization of how much time and energy I had devoted to making my employers successful for the last 20 years. I had been a workaholic with my life being out of balance toward my career!  Lori helped me to understand that there are other options, namely running your own business.  She gave me tools and assessments to zone in on my skills and attributes as well as the things I enjoy doing.  The risk of going into business from scratch with no foundation was daunting. The idea of a franchise was much more of a strategy I wanted to employ. Lori followed up multiple times, spent hours on the phone with me and my wife and acted as a “life consultant”. She was always asking more questions and challenging us to look at every angle in order to make good decisions. Now that we have decided, Lori is still actively engaged with us. So many people desert you once the sale is made, but Lori will continue to act as a sounding board.  I recommend Lori Sturm and eAdvantage4u highly for all who wish to consider doing something different and having the independence of owning their own business.

Lori and her eAdvantage4u were a great help to me in finding my calling. Several years ago, I considered the idea of opening a franchise. But on my own, I couldn’t see a way to make it happen, or pick from the hundreds of franchises that are available, out there. Her method of reviewing skills and interests, then examining a variety of possible franchise opportunities, before picking one, helped me determine what I wanted to do. In addition, she helped me look at my finances and a variety of financing methods. All of which lead me to the decision to open an AAMCO franchise, the business of my dreams.

I worked with Lori Sturm in my pursuit to acquire a Franchise that would be a good fit for me both from a skills position as well as location. She was not only instrumental in connecting me with good Franchise opportunities; she was also very helpful through the discovery process by providing valuable insight and working knowledge of the Franchises in question as well as the Franchise industry in general. Her understanding, guidance and ability to listen proved to be a great assistance to me in arriving at my final decision. I would highly recommend Lori as a very knowledgeable Franchise Consultant to anyone I knew who was interested in acquiring a Franchise.

When we decided to investigate franchises, we felt overwhelmed. There were so many possibilities. Connecting with Lori Sturm made a huge difference. Lori took the time to learn about us, about who we were and what we wanted. She quickly narrowed down the selection based on our preferences, and we were able to investigate in detail those opportunities that seemed a good fit. Lori also helped us with an organized way to assess several franchises at once, and she helped us wade through the information by pointing us to what was important and what was not for each stage of our process. When we got to reading disclosure documents, she saved us lots of time by directing our reading. She was also instrumental in helping us find financing options.  Without Lori’s help, we might still be looking for a right fit. We may also have chosen a lesser fit out of frustration or tiredness, or given up the idea all together. We had to work hard to assess our options and find the right fit for us, but Lori made it so much more efficient and fun. We are grateful for her most able assistance, and would recommend her services to anyone pursuing the path toward franchise selection.

When Lori contacted me, I almost didn’t call back and what a mistake that would have been.  I had already been in deep discussions with a franchise and attended a discovery day. Lori kept calling and finally out of courtesy, I called her back and explained I was pretty close to a decision. She asked me if I felt that I knew what I didn’t know because of not being an insider with experience in the franchise industry and that got me a little panicked so I took her up on her offer for her free consultation.  She encouraged me to make sure by exploring all of my options.  She suggested another competitor to the one I was looking at that she thought might be better suited to my personality and mesh better with the franchisor’s corporate culture that she thought might have a better return on my investment because of its business model.  She was right on.  And then she came back to me, after both my wife and I had been to a second discovery day and suggested that I speak to one more company that was in the industry where all of my work experience had been that she had come across in doing research.  I agreed, and boy, am I glad I called Lori back. That action on my part was a game changer!  I found a way to leverage all of my experience in the same industry; and after speaking to franchisees, I am confident that I can achieve a greater income within a reasonable time and build equity to achieve a great return on my franchise investment.  Sometimes, we don’t know and it is a wise move to seek guidance and help from a professional, even though I was a high level professional executive and making $300k plus income a year and thought I knew what I was doing!

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lori Sturm as a franchise consultant and “coach”. I recently purchased a franchise that I feel is the perfect fit for me. I looked at many franchise opportunities while working with Lori and never felt pressured to make a decision. Lori truly cares and wants to take the time to make sure you find the right business for you. For anyone considering buying a franchise, Lori is uniquely qualified to guide you through the process. She not only understands franchising, but also has the knowledge from a business and legal perspective to guide and counsel you. Lori will first get to know and understand you and your own unique situation, your past experience, your goals and objectives and then lay out a plan to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. With thousands of franchises available, finding the perfect fit for you can be overwhelming. Lori will simplify the process and help you make the best choice for you and your future. You may even come to the conclusion that owning your business is not for you, but since Lori’s services are of no cost to you, I would highly recommend using her experience to guide you along the path that will ultimately allow you to make the best decision for you with confidence.

I was a former president of a highly successful company that grew through mergers and acquisitions.  Now, I am looking for “meaningful” work again as I love working but want more flexibility and want to have fun with what I do.  I decided against a business with set hours and thought I would join a business coaching type organization.  I had a close friend and he had done well.  I was set to follow in his footsteps and Lori challenged me.  She asked me if I was selecting the business because I wanted to work with my friend or because I believed it was the best business model and format that provided me the best tool sets and network to help others.  I couldn’t answer since I had really only explored one other.  Lori guided me and I looked at many.  When I made my final decision a few weeks later, I really understood the key differentiators and now am confident that I found the right one for me to use as a means to help other business owners.

I am writing to highly recommend Lori Sturm to be a panelist and presenter for continuing education events.  She has presented on several topics for our network on many occasions and in several formats.  Lori is well-organized and delivers her content with enthusiasm; and because of her insights, her presentations are always well received.  She has presented to our international consultants and business partners as well as delivered training for our own consultants over the past 3 years.  Lori has been instrumental helping executives and lawyers define their goals and objectives. She understands the obstacles and fears that block people from seizing opportunities and has developed suggestions to encourage them to explore all of their options. She is a subject matter expert in all aspects of franchise business ownership, having served as in house counsel for both large and small companies as well as franchisee and master developers.  In addition, Lori has owned her own consulting and training business for the past 10 years.  She can provide a 360 perspective and share “an insider’s perspective.” We seek Lori’s advice for topics.  She is down to earth and practical in responding to questions and answers. She has been one of our leading consultants because of her friendly and enthusiastic manner in the way she interacts with audiences and individuals.  The audience always wants more.